International travels

For established clients and those keen on building a rapport; I'm just the travel maven for you - with the flexibility to meet you anywhere in the world.


May those boring business trips be forever banished! And your Black- Tie events always attended with just the right amount of sultry feminity by your side.


You’ll find me a diverse girl; I'm equally content hollering wildly at the futbol match drinking beer in denim as I am  quick-as-a-whip debating cultural movements at your company dinner in a cocktail dress; or during a low-key which I am perfectly adept wearing nothing at all.


Perhaps you’ve a real regular ‘Emmanuel de Brantes’ jet setter, traveling widely and often.

Or Maybe you are in need of some encouragement to take that long needed vacation you’ve more than earned (all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!). 


In either case, I am happy you’d choose me as your spirited adventure companion!


In addition to my propensity for traveling at large and looking rather darling in the morning  with no makeup on...I also keep a valid passport and even hold Global Entry Benefits.scort. Hong K




Overnight/romance (about 12hours)-1800£

(From evening to next day morning)


Day of romance(24hours)-4000£



Vacation/International travels



(e.g.Weekend in Paris,Rome,Barcelona)



(e.g.New York,Venice,Capri)



rt. Tokyo Escort. Tattooed Escort. Sydney Escort. Travel Companion Escort. Elite Escort. Hi

As most of you know, ove to travelt With sufficient notice, 1 can join you almost anywhere in the world. Travel that is booked in advance by period  of gentleman that I am already familiar with is prefemed. If we have never met but you would still like for me to join you for time need 3 weeks notice. All travel bookings require a 100% deposit. Bookings in Vilniaus  longer that 4 hours a deposit of 50% of required (via a bank transfer in order for me to keep the dates in my schedule free for you My GFE donations are NON NEGOTIABLE)


 Please Note: Travel expenses are not included and will need to be add to my iee. you need to cancel our date then I will keep  all fees already paid for up to monthsso you have plenty  of time to reschedule without out  in any way financiallyt